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Angel of Water: The ‘Ferrari’ of Colonic Systems

  • The Angel of Water is FDA and Health Canada approved

  • It offers the highest stands in safety and hygiene (including minimally invasive disposable instruments, triple water filtration system, hot water shut off safety feature, smooth, non-porous easily disinfected surface, open colonic systems prevent against possibility of excessive pressure build up)

  • We believe that it offers the best, most natural feeling client-experience

  • It offers a privacy option

  • It is minimally invasive

The Angel of Water's privacy option, and minimally invasive, natural feeling process make colonics a comfortable choice for a wider range of people. 

Although working with the Angel of Water system offers a privacy option, it is still important to have a good Therapist present to facilitate your experience- especially for your first few appointments. 

Does this equipment look scary or complicated to you?  Believe it or not- it's actually very simple, easy and intuitive.  It is essentially a big, fancy, reclining toilet. A small, disposable instrument, about an inch long is inserted in the rectum, and a gentle flow of body temperature, filtered water is introduced to the colon.  The water hydrates the contents and tissues of the colon, and stimulates it to 'wake up' and start releasing.  You will feel the natural urge to go #2.  Simply lay back, relax, and pretend you're on the toilet at home.  Once you get over your initial anxiety, you will discover this is actually a super-simple process, and for most clients- believe it or not- it actually comes to be enjoyable.