The practice is located within the Wholistic Care Centre in Bloor West Village, in Jane Bloor Medical Arts Building, right across from Jane subway station.  

The facilities is designed with a minimal, natural, and high-end decor, making it a pleasant and healthy place to both work and visit. 

We believe that environment has a huge influence on the way we feel.  We care deeply about ambience and client experience. 

Our waiting lounge offers purified water, herbal teas, and free wifi, and a seasonal balcony, for your comfort and convenience.  

Monica Black and the  Angel of Water Colonics System

The treatment room is calm, clear and pleasant

The Angel of Water System offers a comfortable experience

Monica Black Colon Hydrotherapy at the Wholistic Care Centre in Bloor West Village

Nature-themed decor creates a peaceful ambiance

Monica Black Colon Hydrotherapy at the Wholistic Care Centre in Toronto

The reception area in the Wholistic Care Centre helps you to relax

Monica Black Colonics

Colonics appointments can be surprisingly pleasant

Monica Black Colonics Angel of Water

Evening Colonic appointments are very popular.  There is a nice ambiance in the evening. 

Monica Black Colon Hydrotherapy

Most people do like to weigh themselves and look in the mirror before and after their colonic

Monica Black Colon Hydrotherapy, Wholistic Care Centre

You are always welcome to take extra time to relax in our reception before and after your appointment

With two elevators, you don't  have to wait too long

You know you're in the right building when you see this unique lobby

Our building is located right across the street from Jane subway station.  Ask about parking solutions when you book your appointment.